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The Alaskan Malamute Club, Victoria (AMCV) was formed in July, 1986, originally as a social club, and was affiliated with the Victorian Canine Association (then the Kennel Control Council) in January, 1989, and is an incorporated body. 

Who can join?

We welcome any person who has an interest in Alaskan Malamutes or the activities we do with them, whether their dogs are Malamutes or other breeds, have pedigree papers or not. We have members from all over Australia and overseas, including some who own different breeds but enjoy our activities. We also welcome anyone who is thinking of owning a Malamute, but would like to have a look at the breed in action, speak to breeders and get some valuable information.

How do I join the AMCV?

To join the AMCV simply complete our Membership Application Form and send with payment to the AMCV Secretary. The Membership Form can be downloaded from the Documents & Forms page of this website, or can be sent to you by email or through the post. Back to top of page

What does the Club offer?

The AMCV aims to guide prospective owners to purchase their dogs from responsible breeders, to help them purchase a pup who will suit their needs, and to help new owners to understand this very special breed so that they may enjoy their dogs to the utmost. As an affiliated club we are also able to provide benefits and services to those who own, or plan to own, Alaskan Malamutes and encourage all breeders and members to abide by the VCA rules, regulations and Code of Ethics.  

The AMCV keeps members informed of all activities via the newsletter, "The Malamute Mail", which comes out every second month. The topics covered in the newsletter include minutes of Club meetings, reports from conferences, seminars and club activities, notices and reports of sled dog races, weight-pull events, fun days, bush walks, etc., reports from sub-committees and letters from members. We also publish information from other sources around Australia and overseas, including articles relating to healthcare, grooming, Malamute achievements, and features show, weight-pull and race results. It also contains advertisements from suppliers and breeders which are often of interest of Malamute owners.

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Activities & Events

Malamutes at activities dayAn important focus of Club activities is our Activity & Information Days which are held several times a year. These days include obedience practice, show training, and the chance to get advice about harness work & equipment including weight-pulling, backpacking and racing. Equipment will be on hand for you to borrow and the Dog Shop is at many events should you wish to purchase equipment or get your dog measured for a harness. The Activity Days are an ideal opportunity for Malamute owners to try out all of the activities that their dogs need and enjoy. We encourage members non-members and those just thinking of owning a Malamute to come along.

The AMCV also organises fun days, where members can get together with their Malamutes and enjoy a whole host of activities from picnics and pleasant walks to backpacking and snow sledding for the more actively inclined. During the year, the Club also holds two Dog Shows - one Championship and one Open Show, as well as Members' Competitions. In addition, the AMCV conducts backpacking, sledding & weight pulling events, as well as obedience practice sessions, and club members will receive discounted entry fees at most club events.

General Meetings are held several times a year at the Calabria Club (Bulla Exhibition Centre - 5 Uniting Lane, Bulla). The Annual General Meeting is held in October and is combined with our Awards night.

More information on any of the club events and activities coming up can be found on the Events & Activities Calendar page of this website.

AMCV Services

The Club provides several important services:

Information & Education  - the AMCV provides a free Alaskan Malamute Information pack, conducts information days and attends several pet expos to assist the public in becoming more familiar with the breed.

Malamute Referral Service assists with adoption and rehoming of Alaskan Malamutes.

Health Subommittee  addresses hereditary diseases and other medical issues relevant to our breed and formultates policies to control them. This includes a Hip Dysplasia Control Program which aims to eliminate this problem from the breed - the "A" suffix for good hips is available to VCA registered dogs who comply with this policy

Breeders' Directory  - a list of breeders who are club members - inclusion on this list is by application and payment of a$25.00 fee.

Puppy Register, a list of puppies available from breeders who are AMCV members and comply with AMCV breecding practice guidelines and policies  - inclusion on this list is by application and payment of a$25.00 fee.

Further Information

A great deal of information regarding Alaskan Malamutes as a breed is availabe from the Club, however, if you require additional information, the following books are recommended:  

  • "This is the Alaskan Malamute" by Joan McDonald Brearley  
  • "The New Complete Alaskan Malamute" by Maxwell Riddle & Beth J Harris  
  • "Your Alaskan Malamute" by Dianne Ross  
  • "History and Management of the Alaskan Malamute" by Janet Edmonds  
  • "Alaskan Malamute" by Dianne McCarthy  
  • "Alaskan Malamutes - A Complete Pet Owner's Manual" by Betsey Sikora Siino

Finally, should you have any questions regarding any aspect of the breed, do not hesitate to email us at or contact any of the Committee Members listed on the Contact Details webpage, all of whom can point you in the right direction.

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