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Thinking of getting someone a puppy as a present?

Our advice is, DON'T!       And why not?  Read on...

There are many good reasons why giving a puppy as a present may not be such a good idea:

  •  What if you choose a puppy which is not really what the person wanted?  Or what if it turns out they didn't really want a puppy at all?

  •  What if you choose a puppy which develops expensive medical or hereditary problems?

  •  What if you choose a puppy which howls all night and creates problems with the neighbours or council?

  •  What if you give a puppy and the recipient had planned to go away on holidays, or has to go back to work and can't look after and feed a young puppy?

  •  What if the new puppy ends up costing the new owner large amounts of money in vet fees or in medication, equipment, improved fencing etc.?

  •  Will you be able to find the right puppy from a reputable breeder that is just ready to go to a new home on the exact day you want to give it as a present?  Highly unlikely...

  •  A reputable and responsible breeder will not sell a puppy to someone to give as a present, will want to meet the person who will be the owner to make sure the breed will really suit their lifestyle, and often will require them to sign a contract.  So, buying a puppy as a present means that you will have to go to a less reputable source who is not so caring where their puppies go, and with that comes a higher risk of problems.

So, THINK CAREFULLY - Giving a puppy could well end up being an expensive liability to the new owner, will cost them alot more money than you are spending and could also cost your friendship if things go wrong.

A puppy is a living creature and needs to be treated with respect and care for it's entire life, and should not be handed around like a piece of furniture.  A large dog will cost around $1000 a year to maintain, so the purchase price becomes insignificant over the life of the dog.   A good gift?  Not really when you think about it...

So, what's the alternative?

If you want to give a puppy as a present, we recommend strongly that you involve the recipient in choosing the puppy - you may well find out that what they pick is quite different from what you thought they wanted.

Instead of giving a puppy we recommend you give a book on Malamutes, a collar and lead or an AMCV Membership and tell the recipient that you will be buying them the puppy to go with it, but that you need them to come with you to choose the right puppy.

Stud Dog Register

Please note: The entries in the Stud Dog Register are paid advertisements and in no way constitute an endorsement by the Alaskan Malamute Club, Victoria, Inc.

Any member wishing to register their Malamute on the AMCV Stud Dog Register can send their entry, photograph and annual payment of $50.00 to the Secretary.  Please provide the owner’s name & contact details, stud dog’s name, colour, sire and dam, date of birth, a brief note of his achievements (400 characters max.) and hip grade status.  Hip evaluation reports must be submitted for the hip grade status to be recorded as a “Pass” - entries submitted without a hip evaluation report will have the Hip Grade Status recorded as “Not Provided”.  Each entry will cover approximately 7 of a page and will be published for one year (6 issues).  The list of stud dogs will also be made available to non-members.

Sorry, there are no stud dogs currently listed on the register.
Please contact the breeders listed below for details of stud dog availability.

Breeders' Directory

Please note: The entries in the Breeders Directory are paid advertisements and in
no way constitute an endorsement by the Alaskan Malamute Club, Victoria, Inc.

Members are invited to register their kennel for a one year period for a fee of $25.00. 
Note that entries remain in the directory for the entire year regardless of the availability of litters from the breeder.

Kennel Name


Contact Name

Contact Phone No.

Other Contact Information


Gilead, NSW

Cheryl Harrison

(02) 4631 1920
0457 311 920



Pearcedale, VIC

Merv & Shelley Turner

(03) 5978 6001



Durham Ox, VIC

E'vette Levett

0427 301 043


* Whilst the above paid advertisements have been accepted by the AMCV Inc. all care should be taken and inquiries made by purchasers to ensure the litter being inspected has been bred in accordance with the AMCV Code of Ethics.

Puppy Register

Please note: The entries in the Puppy Register are paid advertisements and in no way constitute an endorsement by the Alaskan Malamute Club, Victoria, Inc.

The requirements for litters to be eligible for the AMCV Puppy Register are as follows:

  • The owner of the dam (mother of the litter) must have been an AMCV member for at least the last 6 months;
  • Both sire and dam (father & mother) must have been x-rayed and passed for Hip Dysplasia;
  • Both parents of the litter must be purebred, registered Alaskan Malamutes.
  • All puppies on the register are to be sold with registration papers (either main or limited register)

Puppy Register Application and Guidelines are available via the AMCV Documents link
The following litters comply with the above requirements and are currently registered on the AMCV Puppy Register:


Contact No.

E-mail / Web address


Date Whelped

Pups available

Sorry, there are no puppies currently listed on the register.
Please contact the breeders listed above for details of puppy availability,
or go to the Referral List page for a list of dogs for adoption