Welcome to the website of the Alaskan Malamute Club, Victoria.

Please browse around and learn about our favourite breed, the Alaskan Malamute!

Our site includes information about the Alaskan Malamute breed, puppy and breeder selection, health issues, events and results, Malamute rescue, adoption and other services the club offers, plus the whole range of great activities you can do with a Malamute including sledding, weight-pulling, backpacking, showing and obedience.

Anyone with any breed is welcome to come along to our activities and/or join our club.

We welcome everyone and any dog, or even those who are just thinking of owning a Malamute who want to have a look and find out more. Your dog doesn't need to have pedigree papers or even be a Malamute to join in our activities and events and we particularly welcome rescue dogs.

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    Christmas Fun Day 26 NovemberChristmas Fun Day
    Days Picnic Ground, Lionshead Road, Mt Macedon
    Sunday 26 November,  11.30 am - approx 3 pm pm

    All welcome, including non-members & other breeds
    Members: Free, Non-members: $5.00

    Extreme Weather Policy

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Malamutes for adoptionFoster homes urgently needed in Victoria & NSW

Arctic Rescue Victoria have a large list of Malamutes and Malamute crosses urgently needing new homes and are desperate for foster carers. 

For a list of the dogs in need, please visit the ARV website at www.arcticrescue.org.au or on Facebook to view the many dogs for adoption or for other ways you can help.

For a list of Malamutes for adoption in NSW & SA, please visit the AMRAA website or on Facebook

For a list of Malamutes for adoption in Queensland, please visit the SHAMROQ website: www.shamroq.org.au

For a list of Malamutes for adoption in WA, please vist the HAMR website: www.hamr.com.au

What's on our website:


About the AMCV, who can join, our history, services, activities, contact details, advertising & more.


Information and articles about the Alaskan Malamute breed and what owners need to know.


Click here for to view the AMCV calendar of activities.


Information about activities for the Malamute and events the Alaskan Malamute Club is conducting this year.


Click here for details of breeders and puppy availability.


Information about adopting a Malamute and a list of Dogs for adoption


Membership form, title application forms, Alaskan Malamute Information Pack, articles, rules and guidelines & more.


Information about showing your dog, and show events coming up this year.


Information about backpacking  with your dog, and hike events coming up.


Information about sledding with your dog, and obedience sessions scheduled this year.


Information about sledding with your dog, and sledding events coming up this year.


Click here for more information about sledding with your dog, and weight pulling events


Information about medical issues, the hip dysplasia program, Ch'd Certification or general  health and caring for the Alaskan Malamute.


Event results and recipients of AMCV show, working and Register of Achievement awards.


Meeting minutes, documents, forms, announcements and link to view the AMCV newsletter online